Is my hair really that damaged? Dove Regenerate Nourishment

If you’re like me, hairdressers and haircare professionals will always put you in the ‘damaged, dyed, distressed hair’ category. In the days when I bleached it fortnightly and straightened it daily, I was inclined to agree – my hair was wrecked and I’d try every regenerating and nourishing I could get my hands on. They didn’t work but, looking back, my hair was so stripped of nutrients and frazzled that the only solution was to lop it off and start again. Hair care products that claim to revitalise damaged hair do to an extent, I reckon – unless you’ve really fucked it up.

Now I have a much healthier, less masochistic relationship with my hair (or so I thought). I had my bleached blonde locks chopped off, ombré’d it out, and let my hair alone for six months at least – no heat, just nondescript shampoo and conditioner followed with lashings of Kérastase Elixir Ultime. It’s a little too wild and long to avoid heat styling now, but, nonetheless, I limit my GHD use to twice a week. I dye my roots every two months or so. I don’t think that’s excessive – it’s probably fairly average.

However. Despite having toned down my routine, I’m still told (often in a chastising tone) that I should look after my hair more. At that point, they direct me towards the products suited to distressed and damaged hair. I’ve started taking it personally now. What if my hair isn’t damaged? What if it’s just like that? It’s always been thick, coarse and dry regardless of whether I use heat and dye or not.

I’ve accepted that my hair is coarse, damaged and horrible and opted for another hair repair product. I went for Dove’s Regenerate Nourishment Rescue Crème Mask. I teamed it with the Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo because using products by the same brand is secret to nice hair, or so they’ll have you believe.

I showered and shampooed, then added the mask, moped around for an hour or two then washed it off over the bath. I also took up some hair care advice I picked up recently: only focus shampoo near the roots, then concentrate conditioning on the lengths and tips. This pro tip was offered to stop my whinging about getting Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner clogged in my under roots, despite vigorous washing.

Dove’s Regenerate Mask didn’t get clogged in anywhere, nor did it leave my hair feeling greasy and as though it needed a blast of dry shampoo after washing and drying. There are so many products out there that claim to ‘nourish’ but overcompensate and make dry hair feel greasy as hell. Or perhaps ‘greasy’ isn’t quite the word: I mean matted and sticky, as though you were using conditioner for the first time in life and didn’t know how to use it and slapped on whole tub and left it in and went about your business.

After one application, my naturally dry and coarse (and allegedly damaged) hair isn’t much different. It feels nice not to be clogged up with Aussie product then panic-fixed with Batiste. The Dove mask has made my hair feel clean and not loaded with product. It hasn’t done much in the way of its ‘regenerating’ claim, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and use again. It isn’t accompanied with any instructions though, so I’m not sure when to use it next..


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