When you find something nice and they snatch it away: John Frieda Hair Dye

I’ve already mentioned the tirade that brands have against my hair. It’s damaged, dry and horrid they always say. In the last year or so, I’ve seen improvements. Thanks to sticking reducing the amount of heat and dye I apply, it’s in the good condition (by my standards).

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Light Ash Blonde 9A is the colour I’ve been sporting. It’s a box dye that reliably lightens my hair without having to revert to messy bleaching powders. The foam consistency is excellent for making sure no hairs are missed out. I’ve always been notoriously bad at dying and wound up super patchy with cream box dyes. So, this product is the one I keep going back to. Leaves me brassy sometimes, but nothing Touch Of Silver shampoo doesn’t fix! 

But now it’s no longer on the shelves. Seriously — I’ve tried Boots and Superdrug on Oxford Street, the local stores, even the strange hair shop on the corner that seems to sell everything but.

I asked Boots, Superdrug and John Frieda on Twitter:


That just sounds a bit suspect, doesn’t it? We’re not discontinuing it, but basically nobody on the high street will be selling it any more. I ended up purchasing from Feel Unique, which is fine – but you’ve got to wonder what Johnny did to get his hair products kicked off the high street.


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