Does this even work? Cosrx BHA Blackhead Liquid Powder: a review

I’ve been looking forward to publishing my day-to-day diary of my experience with BHA Blackhead Liquid Powder. I was hoping someone could tell me I’m using it wrong, or Amazon sold me a dud, or my blackheads are so deep set they’re stuck there for life.

Day 1: I dabbed it on last night, after using my Boots Botanics Cleanser. Then I went straight to bed, without moisturising — I don’t moisturise in the evening usually. Laziness, probably. 

I’m going to make a note each morning of what I see and if it’s made much difference. On first glance, nothing has changed. The stubborn blackheads that live on my nose haven’t shifted. Actually, looking more closely, there are a couple of whiteheads on my chin that weren’t there last night. I popped them — I probably shouldn’t have. Could be the start of the purging or could be the alcohol I drank last night.

I’m not going to use it in the morning. I’ve read about overuse; so I’m keeping limiting it to once a day, unless I don’t see a noticeable difference.

Day 2: Repeated the same last night as previous. No drastic changes and no suspect whiteheads popping up this morning.

Perhaps my pores feel slightly looser — as in the sebum feels like it could come out more easily. I gently pressed my nose with a comedone extractor to find out. Not convinced, could just be wishful thinking on my part.

It’s probably a good thing that I’m using Body Shop Vitamin E facial cleanser (the one I was whinging about) because it’s soft and neutral; so it’s unlikely to offset my BHA treatment.

Day 3: I didn’t put the BHA on last night… I did the ghastly thing of sleeping with my makeup on having got hammered and fallen into bed at 4am. So naturally I woke up with a few more whiteheads than usual and red lipstick smeared across my face and pillow.

I cleansed and dabbed some of the BHA on when I got up and had a makeup free morning. I removed it after a few hours and went ahead with my makeup routine.

Evening update — the pores on my forehead are looking more clogged than usual. I’m resisting going at them with the comedone extractor.

Day 4: I’m so bad at keeping up a routine. Another alcohol-filled evening stumbling in at 4am (5am because of the clock change?), but I did take my makeup off and brush my teeth, which was surprising.

So, again, I applied the BHA this morning. No noticeable changes since yesterday.

Day 6: I skipped day five — nothing happened. I returned to my routine of applying the BHA at night. I’ve woken this morning and examined my face. Nothing is happening. Am I using it wrong? This product is shit.

However my first whinge about moving to London was that the pollution was making me breakout — that isn’t the case any more.

Day 13: I’ve given up doing day-to-day reviews. Nothing has happened. I’m still using it at night and sleeping in it. Am I doing something wrong?

Day 20: I’m so frustrated. How long must I stick at this before I see results? I will stick at it, but seriously — am I using it wrong?

Look out for part two.


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