What is that smell? 100 Acres Shampoo review

Shampoo is a weird one. It’s hard to write about because it’s always followed by conditioner and oil and other things. It cleans dirt and dust out of hair and detangles all the hairs that have fallen out but are still tangled up in there. That makes me sound like Mrs Twit, doesn’t it? Ha!

I’ve really started to appreciate the washing hair ritual recently. Twice a week. Shampoo is just something that happens that I’ve never questioned before. The only shampoo I’ve ever noticed to make a whole lot of difference is the PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo — the only thing that works cheap wonders. My hairdresser (who did a fabulous job) at Rush London told me off for using it because my hair isn’t bleached, but I’ve a feeling he was peddling Kérastase and just wanted me to convert. 

Anyway — a few words on 100 Acres.

100 acres shampoo

“If we had 100 acres of British countryside to run around naked in, we would plant orchards, herbs, fruits, flowers, and medicinal plants.” Instead we’re naked in the shower with this strange smelling shampoo. It smells of something. I’m not sure I like it. But I can still smell it. After conditioning and dousing my dry and coarse hair in oil. I can still smell the shampoo! It’s a combination of lemon and sage, which, although you can imagine smelling them separately, together they smell like an oily health store shampoo.

Hair feels soft and clean – but was that the conditioner, the Revlon Uniq One, or the Kerastase Ultime Elixir I doused on after styling? I suppose it begs the question: does it matter too much which shampoo you use?

The idea behind the 100 Acres range is that it’ll transport you to the tranquil English countryside; the one that’s filled with orchards, fresh air, and rolling hills without you actually having to leave the city and encounter boring country life. It’s a delicious idea that I can actually get on board with.

Unlike other shampoos that claim to fix, restore, revitalise blah blah.. 100 Acres doesn’t make any ludicrous claims that it can’t follow though with. It does what it says on the tin and makes hair “squeaky clean and full of bounce” – exactly what you want from a shampoo.

You can pick it up in any good apothecary or fashionable health store. Liberty sell it too, obviously.


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