I take it all back. Cosrx BHA Blackhead Liquid Powder: a review part 2

Hopefully you’ll have caught my day-to-day diary whingeing about¬†this blackhead remover. If you didn’t, have a read here:¬†Does this even work? Cosrx BHA Blackhead Liquid Powder: a review.

After using Cosrx for six weeks, I can say that my skin isn’t as inflamed as it was; my blackheads seem fewer; and my complexion feels and looks a lot better overall. I was so sure that the Amazon or Cosrx had ripped me off here, but jumping to conclusions was all in haste. If you’ve just started using it and feel as frustrated as I did, stick with it. I still feel like my skin has a long way to go to get rid of those super deep blackheads but I’m confident Cosrx is working its magic.

Worry: what if I stop using this, ever? Will my blackheads return and my complexion return to how it was before? I hope I’m not tied to Corsx forever and a day now..

Have you used a BHA and stopped? What happened afterwards?



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